Little Moments pt. 4

Walking to work, I waved to a mother and daughter sharing breakfast on their front porch.
“Hello,” said the mother.
“Hi,” I replied back. Smiling at her little girl, I said, “Hello!” The girl was silent.
“Say hello,” her mother prompted. The shy little girl shook her head and returned to her toast. Smiling, I waved away the apologetic glance the mother sent my way and continued walking.
Just as I cleared the hedge along their yard, just as they passed out of my sight, I heard a timid but unmistakable, “Hello” weaving it’s way through the hedge branches. As I walked down the block, the hellos multiplied and grew in confidence, until, reaching the stop sign at the end of the block, I stopped and listened to the young girl saying hello to the whole neighborhood and refusing to stop until someone said hello back.