A Day in the Life

Wake up to the sounds of the boys running around the house getting ready for school. Mazwi will sneak in some time with his cartoons if he can, so there’s usually the typical cartoon soundtrack for a few minutes, followed by a harried Mama asking him to turn it off.

The view out of my bedroom window

My bedroom with my wall of mail

Little brother, Mazwi, in his school uniform

Little brothers, Alwande and Maqhawe, dressed to the T’s and ready for school.

Make and eat breakfast in the ever busy kitchen. Although taken on a weekend, this picture is pretty indicative of the traffic our kitchen usually sees.

Our Kitchen

Head out the door to work. If the boys are still around, which is rare, I usually leave to screams of “Bye-bye Lachelle!”.

Make my way to work, walking through our gorgeous neighborhood.

Walking down my road

Just outside of my work, Child Welfare

At work, I keep busy helping Mary, our donations coordinator, with sorting food, clothing, toys, pretty much any and all donations that come through our door. Or helping Jill, our secretary extraordinare, with general office things – making copies, sending faxes, laminating, et cetera.

Tea time. One of my favorite times of day.

Tea time with supervisor and good friend, Carol. (Photo credit: Tessa Leiseth)

Tea time with supervisor and good friend, Carol. (Photo credit: Tessa Leiseth)

On most Mondays and Tuesdays, I make my way up the hill to Vryheid Hospital, where I play with the kids in the Pediatric Ward for a short time.

Outside Vryheid Hospital

Unfortunately, I’m unable to take pictures of the kids, since their parents aren’t usually around to give me permission, but we have a great time coloring and giggling in our own little room.

Our play room

Head to my good friend, Sibusiso’s, office. A psychologist in town, Sibu has hours at the hospital on Mondays and Tuesdays and our rides together back down the hill are an awesome time to catch up. He usually takes me down to his office and I walk back to work from there, after taking a short break to check in on his sister and a another of my good friends, Thembi.

View down one of the main roads in town

My good friends Thembi and Sibu, the day I arrived in Vryheid (seems like a lifetime ago!)

Hang out at Welfare, doing odd jobs, answering phones, helping out when and where I can.

“Knock off” and catch a ride home with good friends, Jill, our amazing secretary, and her husband, Mark. We either head straight home or stop at the local grocery store, Pick and Pay, to grab the days groceries.

The rest of the day is as unstructured as they come. Sometimes it’s spent chasing soccer balls with my brothers. Sometimes it’s spent watching TV with my older siblings. Sometimes it’s spent in my bedroom, reading, journaling, or simply reveling in the hard won solitude not usually found in a house with three boys younger than six. Sometimes it’s spent chatting with Mama and Thola in the kitchen. But everyday, it seems, there’s sunshine and someone around to talk to. Evenings are my favorite time of day, when everybody comes back home from work and school and we get the chance to catch up on each other’s days and spend time in amazing fellowship. Sometimes that’s nothing more than watching a show together or sitting and listening to the radio in the kitchen, but it’s the fellowship of a family that deeply cares for each other and that’s about the best kind there is.


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